Aerolane for commercial aviation

Aviation's biggest jump in decades


Air at the cost of ground

The dramatic cost savings Aerolane’s Aerocart gliders afford operators can transform freight networks. 


With the cost of moving freight by Aerocart subject to an overall cost savings of up to 65%, Aerocart-hauled freight is highly competitive with ground movement on many lanes. 


The impact: Retailers are heavily reliant on repetitive inventory replenishment from regional hubs to the edge of their network via multi-day ground movements. The introduction of radically cheaper air routes opens up delivery SLAs that were previously only possible with massive inventory replication.


This is a generational opportunity for air carriers to grow market share.


Fleets that flex up & down

Air freight carriers are the most carefully planned fleet operators out of necessity. It is extremely costly to add capacity to a fleet – and just as hard to trim it when the market slows.


Aerolane envisions a future where carriers can flex capacity up and down without massive capital outlays. Like trailers in the trucking or rail industries, Aerocart is designed to be an affordable capacity-adding accessory to engine units. 


Consider the possibilities of a fleet which can affordably double its capacity by bringing Aerocarts out of storage – and then, without massive consequence, store Aerocarts for future use when the market slows. This is the future of flexible fleets that Aerolane powers.


A clean future for 767-F

New FAA & ICAO efficiency rules have opened questions on the viability of key freighter aircraft like the Boeing 767.


This is a major disruption to freight networks whose routes benefited from this safe, reliable and affordable wide body option.

Aerolane is evaluating with carriers and regulators the use of Aerocart gliders to boost the net efficiency of platforms like the 767-F. The outcome: a potential cleaner, more affordable extension of this platform’s useful life.


The fastest path to zero

Aerolane was founded on a belief that glider technology can make aviation cleaner, cheaper, and more capable – all at once!


Aerocart is competitive in emissions reduction to hydrogen or battery electric aircraft, but is far closer to market with initial commercial availability in 2024.


And towed cargo gliders are complimentary to all emerging sustainability technologies. By improving the economics of every flight, Aerocart can even help SAF’s economic viability on many routes.