Aerolane's towed cargo gliders are in flight today​

Aerolane has been running extensive flight tests with a series of early Aerocart prototypes. In close coordination with the FAA, these tests have covered a wide swath of Texas and have proven Aerolane's groundbreaking economics & capability enhancements.

Aerolane's team began exploring towing cargo in gliders as a concept in 2021.

Aerolane was started to answer a big question: how far can the savings from precision gliding behind a lead plane get? And can the aerodynamics of this operation be scaled with larger planes and across normal flight operations?

Aerolane’s founding team pulls from decades of experience building and certifying new aviation concepts. We understood that concepts are nice, but that flight hours are what matter.

Watch Aerolane's Progress

By 2022, we had taken to the skies to prove it works in real-world operations.

In close coordination with the FAA, Aerolane began flight tests on a series of aircraft-to-glider conversions. Almost immediately, skilled piloting of the gliders produced major fuel burn reductions.


As Aerolane began evaluating the interactions between the tow plane and the towed glider, a host of discrete challenges appeared. One example: generally speaking, the closer together the planes, the higher the chance that operations may yield dramatic efficiency gains. But close following yields greater potential for unstable flight dynamics in the glider.


With proprietary tooling and instrumentation, Aerolane’s team is compiling a large and growing dataset covering  all the complex dynamics of tightly paired flight. This is the basis for the development of Aerolane’s proprietary glider autopilot technologies.